Welcome to the Zurich Scottish Country Dancing Club

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Latest news:

24.07.2021: We have received news from the St Andrew's Church, and for us it's not good; although the Community Centre is open for use from the end of August, this does not apply to dancing. So we just have to try to be patient a bit longer.

In the mean time, the monthly Zoom meetings have been a good way of keeping members in touch with each other. The next one will be on Tuesday, August 3rd. Chris will send out the link a few days in advance, and a reminder the day before.

On the 19th of July we arranged to do some dancing outdoors. The venue we chose, the Sportplatz Sihlhölzli, proved to be less than ideal, as aparently no music is allowed there, but we still managed to get through 6 dances, in spite of lack of practice for the last 15 months! We plan to meet next Wednesday (28th July) at 18.30 at the Musikpavillon in the centre of Bükliplatz. If that is successful we'll continue to meet there each week, but on which day we will decide by Doodle.

- Chris Harris, President