Some photographs taken at club events and events we've been involved in:

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Chris doing the Fling
Chris doing the Highland Fling Photos of the Intenationales Volkstanztreffen at the 2007 "ZueriFaescht"

Suhr Ball, 2000
The Summer Ball in Suhr, Aargau,

Zuerifaescht, 2001

Course and ball in Geroldswil, 2003:

Chris as MC, 2003
Chris MCing the ball
Highland fling, 2003
Patrick, Chris and Alan flinging

Piping in the haggis, 2003
Piping in the Haggis:
Keith Smith on the pipes
with Haggis-bearer, Ernst

Addressing the Haggis. 2003
Addressing the Haggis:
John McGuiggan in full flow

Teacher and Musicians, 2003
Teacher Eric Finlay
with musicians Keith Smith
and Gillian Cummins

Dancing at the 'Zürifäscht' in 2004:

Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord
'Summer Assembly'
Swiss Lassie
'Swiss Lassie'

Fear an Taigh
'Fear an Taigh'